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NFT Sale

The Forgotten Metaverse is thought out to be a collection of NFT Games, which contain NFT Cards representing different assets from within the games. Each NFT Card is an entity in our game which you own and you can use depending on its functionality. Usually these come with complementing stat boosts that you can use to speed up your progress. We’ve got NFTs for most things in our game, and you can earn these just by playing.

We’re doing a limited release for early adopters, and we’re putting out for grasp Characters, Pets and Mounts NFTs, plus we’ll have tickets that you can use to win non-NFT prizes at the Wheel of Fortune.

To start you off early and support our development process, we’ve put together Starter Pack Chests that will boost your progress in-game by giving you the tools you need straight from the start. These items also work on the 2D Lite Games which are already live so you can start earning before the Forgotten Chain launch day.

One of the main NFT Card categories is Characters. These will be your playable avatar within the Forgotten Metaverse game. These Characters come in 5 rarities, ranging from Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic to Legendary. The better the rarity, the better stats, meaning that you can earn more and faster with a rarer character than you can with a more common one.

These characters come in 4 variations:

Knight An adventurer at heart, always ready to face the dangers of the realm.
Assassin The master of the shadows, ready to slice and dice through any opponent.
Warlock A skillful blade-master, imbued with supernatural gifts.
Mage A powerful scholar that can control arcane and natural elements.

We’ve put up for grabs 3 chests with Utility items that you can instantly use in the 2D Lite games, and transfer them to Forgotten Chain once we launch it. We have a Fishing Chest, a Mining Chest and a Battle Chest for now, but there are plans to add more as we proceed.

Mining Chest Contains: 1 x Pickaxe – This comes in 4 rarities, each with better bonuses, these are: Common, Uncommon, Rare or Epic;
Fishing Chest Contains: 1 x Hook, 1 x Fishing Rod and 200 Baits;
Battle Chest Contains: 1 x Weapon, which comes in 4 rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare or Epic, 6 x Energy Potions, 10 x Health and 10 x Mana Potions and a random book.

We’ve collected a few eggs from the creatures around the Forgotten Realm and you can grab one of these now! You’ll need to hatch it at the hatchery once one is built in one of the cities. Once it hatches, you’ll be able to see what manner of creature will come out of the egg. You can get one of the eight different egg variations that we have. (here’s a sneak peek of the pets you can hatch out of these)

We sell tickets to the Wheel of Fortune that can land you a multitude of items, ranging from Item Packs, EXP Boosts, Inventory Expansions, Keys and Books Packs to Avatar Borders, Alpha Passes and ICO Passes. We’ve thrown in a grand prize: A lucky few will win patches of land in the Forgotten Metaverse. Come try your luck at the Wheel of Fortune. These Tickets are awarded with any purchase and you can also buy them for 3$ per ticket.

The best asset you can buy during the NFT Sale will be the mounts. These will only increase in value, since we are launching limited collections. We are offering some really useful mounts in our initial sale because we want to appreciate the investment in the Forgotten Metaverse.

These NFTs are all mounts from our first realm in the Metaverse, and you’ll be able to ride your Mounts into battle and use them to provide beneficial stats to your character. This is a limited release, so make sure to grab some while they are still available at their current price. Since most of the mounts we offer are of Legendary rarity, the stats that they provide will significantly boost your profit margin.

Imagine joining one of the many realms, years in the future, and show your status as a founding member! That would be awesome and we would certainly be glad to meet such old pals!