ICOThe meaning of Play 2 Earn


Initial Coin Offering

Token Description – FTC

In-game and outside the game world, the game native “FTC” token will be utilized to buy and trade NFTs. We expect this to be one of the token's primary applications. Players will be able to offer their NFTs for sale and trade them for FTC at the ingame auction houses or player marketplaces in the big cities.

The FTC token is linked and synced with Binance Smart Chain. As a result, the token may be transmitted from one wallet to another on the network fast, simply, and cheaply. The primary use of the token is as the native in-game currency. The currency is used to purchase items in-game, swap for NFTs, repair damaged items, purchase mounts, pets and more.

Forgotten Metaverse

FTC token will be utilized as the currency in Forgotten Metaverse, also most of the NFTs will be interchangeable between games in the Forgotten ecosystem.


Tokenomics – FTC

Initial Coin Offering

We will conduct two sale rounds in the following order:

Whitelist 1 Whitelist 2 Whitelist 3
Round Private Public
Price 0.01$ 0.03$
Supply 3% 7%
Available slots 1.000 ( 400 remaining ) 1.750 1.750
Min buy 0.2 BNB
Max buy* 3 BNB* 10 BNB* 10 BNB*
Can join multiple whitelists? Yes Yes Yes
Whitelist 1 Round: Private Price: 0.01$ Supply: 3% Available slots: 1.000 ( 400 remaining ) Min buy: 0.2 BNB Max buy*: 3 BNB* Can join multiple whitelists?: Yes
Whitelist 2 / Whitelist 3 Round: Public Price: 0.03$ Supply: 7% Available slots: 1.750 Min buy: 0.2 BNB Max buy*: 10 BNB* Can join multiple whitelists?: Yes

The max buy allowed by the contract is 10 BNB and it can be split in 3 scenarios:

Private Round - Whitelist 1 - Remaining slots: 400

How to get the Pass?

Public Round - Whitelist 2 - Remaining slots: 1.750

How to get the Pass?

Public Round - Whitelist 3 - Remaining slots: 1.750