LAND SALEAn investment for the long run


ForgottenChain's strong economy revolves upon the land. The land is split between 3 kingdoms, owned and ruled by players. This is where gamers will go on amazing adventures and win rare treasures and tokens as they go out into the world. As a result, we're devoting a significant amount of time and money to making visiting these areas a unique experience.

This is where land ownership (in the form of NFTs) comes into play. We aim to empower our community by allowing them to rule the world of the game, as well as share in the money generated. This is accomplished by sharing 70% of the money earned by the game to the landowners in the form of tokens.

We have 3 land tiers in the game and they are represented by Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

The first Land Sale will have applied 50% discount.

Businesses examples Available only to tier II & tier III
Pet Shops Mastery Trainers Alchemist Library Casino
Mount Shops Skill Trainers Enchanter Breeding Place Advertisement Banners
Teleporters Forgery/Blacksmith Incubators Stables And many more
Businesses examples Pet Shops Mastery Trainers Mount Shops Skill Trainers Teleporters Forgery/Blacksmith
Available only to tier II & tier III Alchemist Library Casino Enchanter Breeding Place Advertisement Banners Incubators Stables And many more

Why you should consider buying land?

Let’s talk a bit about how you can earn with your land and do some math:

  1. Transaction fees for NFTs
  2. Mining
  3. Marketplaces
  4. Businesses (available only for Tier II and Tier III land)
  5. Token Drops
  6. Token Distribution from the landowner’s pool
  7. And other activities

Transaction fees for NFTs

Whenever an NFT is dropped on your land that item will remain bound to the place where it was found. Whenever that particular item is sold a transaction fee of 10% is deducted and it will be distributed as follows:


Each land plot can spawn ores that can be mined. Landowners can decide if they want to keep the ores for themself (and not visible to others) or if they want to share them with the visitors of their land and get a percentage of resources as a tax. Those resources can then be sold for FTC.


Villages and Cities can be also used as a marketplace where other players can sell their NFTs. As a Marketplace owner you will get 1.5% for each item sold on your land.

Businesses (available only for Tier II and Tier III land)

Each village and city can have multiple businesses (Skill Trainers, Forgery, Teleporters, Exclusive Shops, Crafting, and more). For players to benefit from your business, they will have to pay for the service.

For example: A weapon can be upgraded from +1 to +10, which can be done in a village/city at the forgery. The cost will vary based on the level of the weapon. The costs will be distributed as follows:

50% to the business owner 10% to the landowner 10% to the Landowners pool 30% to the Reward pool

Token Drops

Whenever a player kills a monster on your land and that monster is dropping FTC, you will get 5% of the drop. For example: A player kills a boss on your land and gets 200 FTC. The FTC will be distributed as follows: 190 FTC to the player and 10 FTC to the landowner.

Token Distribution from the landowner’s pool

For each piece of land that you own, a percentage of the Landowner pool will be distributed to you.

Other activities

We are trying here to bring ForgottenChain functionality in real life. One example here is the advertising panel where land owners can post different banners (limited to 3) in their city based on their partnerships.